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Article and Papers we have Written Together

Health Affairs Blog:  Fixing Primary Care Part One and Part Two
AFP Journal
Primary Care Clinics, Palliative Care issue, edited by Alan

Books Written by Andy Lazris

Cornell University Press
curing medicare cover cornell.tif
"A fascinating look at how Medicare must change."
-Kirkus Reviews

"Passionate, smart, and a little terrifying." -Washington Monthly
Springer Nature Publisher
Cover (2)_edited.jpg
cover springer covid.jpg
"Both patients and doctors must first learn how to communicate at a level that makes the patient the captain of the ship, the doctor the navigator. Interpreting Health Benefits offers such a language."
-Nortin Hadler, author of Rethinking Aging and Worried Sick

"This is a uniquely exceptional book on communication between patients and medical personnel. " -Doody's Book Reviews
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